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over 2 years ago

Three weeks to go— bonus tech tip!

There are three weeks remaining in the Stratis Smart Contract Challenge. Submissions are due December 16, 2019 before 5pm GMT (12pm EDT). (Find out what time that is in your city)

Start your submission now

Starting a submission is a good way to make sure that your skill meets the requirements and you get the basic fields of the submission form nailed down. There’s nothing worse than getting to the deadline, only to realize that you’re missing a key component. Remember: once you submit a project, you can keep editing it as needed at any time prior to the submission deadline. Need a primer on how the submission form works? Head over to our submission form tutorial

Prepare your video

Don’t forget that your submission must include a video demonstrating your skill for this competition. Check out our video-making tips here. As always, we strongly recommend that you don’t wait to the last minute.

Git more Resources for your Project

Have you checked out the great Stratis Platform resources on Github?  If not, it might be a good idea to check it out in addition to Stratis Academy.  There you can find examples and tips to use with Stratis Smart Contracts as well as the rest of the Stratis Platform.

Here are a couple examples of what you’ll find:

In addition, for those that are already familiar with ethereum, you can make use of a github gist written by @Neurosploit to speed up your familiarity.

This post ( goes into detail about finding the stratis equivalents to concepts that are known in ethereum.

You can find the application of this in a pull request that is opened in

The original contract that the porting is based on can be found at

Do you have a tip you’d like to share with your fellow devs?  Be sure to share it in the Discord Channel, we know they’ll appreciate it!

Keep up the good work!


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.